It’s Only Getting Worse

I am fortunate that my forays into the city are infrequent so I am rarely accosted by the idiocracy. But there are hints of it here and there. Like the utter moron crossing the parking lot diagonally to enter the hardware megamart. Slowly. Against traffic. Taking a trajectory to ensure maximum delay for all drivers.

I blew past his hip to issue that clarion call. I’ve got the tonnage, you dumb sonofabitch, so either move with a purpose or wait until I can get by. Oh, how I detest that not-as-subtle-as-you-think-you-are passive-aggressive bullshit. It is worse in Atlanta where they pour themselves across like molasses in January.

So it was that the reference to Billy’s post came with a sort of “just been there” exclamation point.

We live in a time when peoples’ thinking, obviously manifest in their language, is a miasma of metaphor, simile, allegory, and every other possible device “deployed” as much as possible except directly reality-referential plain English.

I seriously believe that the educational system was installed to purposefully remove all manner of rational thinking from the populace. And just look – in the matter of two generations it is done. Just look at the level of literacy in degreed professionals. The mastery of “there/their/they’re” should have been acheived by this point. Sadly, no. I see it every day.

The ability to take an argument and discuss it based on fact and evidence continues its decline. If they don’t “feel” or “believe” a thing it simply isn’t true. At least, not for them. Which may explain the level of stupid fatalities lately. To hatchet Pink Floyd, “You – Yes! You! You’re MORTAL!” Hell, I just chalk it up to Fate. A sorting system of the gods and you were sent to the circular file, my friend.

Damn it, I wish I were more eloquent today…I mean to make this say something biting and applicable. However, there is someone who tackled it a bit better.

‘Proportion’? Are you serious? A presidential candidate threw out a random tidbit about how he wants to make the largest change to the US government since… well… ever… and that’s ‘out of proportion’? Out of proportion would be digging a trench around Washington DC, filling it with lava, and then using trebuchets to launch plague rats into the city, only that would cost less.

LOVE IT. It is a fisking of a complete idiot’s simple request for “mandatory volunteerism”. Jesus. I mean, how does a person get that seriously stupid? Do you see now why voting is never going to get us anywhere? People like that are making decisions that impact your life directly every day but you’re going to discuss one candidate versus another when they are ALL THE SAME ANIMAL.

Trooper often asks me what I would install in place of the current process. I can’t really address that – I freely admit that I am not smart enough to go there. But I am smart enough to know that I don’t need clueless motherfuckers ruling my life. This is what I wish I could pull out of my brain.

Trust me – you give this country another couple decades and it will be no better than this – yet further reason to just stop sending those barely evolved creatures another cent. It’s a very near thing, the dissolution of a grand dream.

We’ve room enough to make a final stand but I doubt seriously the ability of anyone under 25 of seeing it coming and making appropriate plans. And I might adjust that number upward if it weren’t for the homeschooled – it is that tiny sliver of possibility that gives me pause. You just never know.

3 responses to “It’s Only Getting Worse

  1. That deliberate slowness, the welfare saunter, the slow-footed droopy-drawers crossing the intersection as the light turns red and *still* you have to wait because you’re not supposed to run over pedestrian – happens out here in CA too. And then they give you that look and a sneer, so you know that they know that you know – and I must SO resist stomping on the gas pedal…

  2. Greetings, and thx for the comments. Och, Cav and Cop? Trouble, that. LOL I will take a peek at the site but I am confident it will not be what is needed.Well, crash – you’ve said it. But one must admit that the degeneration is…endemic. It matters not at all, now, if they are wealthy or no. It is all classless, clueless behavior by creatures less evolved than your average horse.It will take a great calamity to free us of those. And I do believe it is coming. Oh, not in any Judgement Day vein of thinking, no. It wouldn’t take much.Just look at what a flood did in a single town. Imagine something impacting a nation…Keep your powder dry, I say. It’s all we can do, for now.And thanks, guys. Appreciate the company – don’t mind all the echoes and cobwebs. It’s ambience, they say.

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