I’ve studiously ignored just about all the political wrangling – mostly because I consider the entire thing a charade of insane proportions. However, I cannot help but note Billy’s running commentary some of which I shall link to below.

As an aside, there is a link to his comments on another site wherein the content is ignored for the physionomy – a thing that is brought up in regard to Billy by nearly every wonk who wants to hate him for being right – and right to the point. As though anyone’s appearance has any damned thing to do with the truth and accuracy of the words being put forth. Frankly, when someone decides to “go there” I file them immediately in the “you don’t fucking count” bucket and put them on instant Ignore. Dear God – have we sunk that low? Really? If it isn’t a neat digestible soundbite delivered by an attractive automaton then it has no meaning or relevence? Do fuck off already. Jeez…

At any rate, here are a few personal favorite notations from around the net…

“as if Field Marshal Rodham won’t just rip The Miracle Worker’s head right the fuck off if she sees half an angle.” (I hope Michelle has him insured quite well.)

“This is Jr. paddling his little boat as hard as possible in the wake of the great ship Miracle Worker. Perhaps he’ll be sucked along.”

“While the stage is set for The Runt, ditzy chicks who used to be hippies frolic to the strains of “Oye Como Va”. They have the ancient space-eyes, and would get their tits out, but they’re respectable now.” (That is hilarious.)

“”Hillary Gets Stiffed”Don’t you think that’s cute? I sure do.You know what, though? I think it’s way too early to conclude on who’s gotten “stiffed” so far.”

“It’s got to be in the mix, but the real trick with Obama is to deflate his hypnotic presentation. His style is to sound deeply thoughtful, and use that to distract attention from the paucity of actual thoughts.” (Damnably correct. Talk about summing the entire thing up…)

“let’s get you up to the top of a five story building, have you jump off it, and then you tell me afterward whether anyone’s subjective take on your fall has changed the facts.” (Yet another person commenting on the utter lack of critical thinking in people today.)

“I only hope he wakes up in time to vote in the general election. We need more people of Mr Kearney’s caliber making those important decisions for all of us.”

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