Rapid Fire

It has been a nutty day – and I had my blood pressure up this morning over the fact that CIO can’t understand that you cannot upgrade some servers and not others and still have work FLOW. We’re talking prep for Outlook 2007. It doesn’t talk to lower versions. Or perhaps I should say it disdains them.

Juggling that with three different time zones today has my brain weary. Add in Troopers very early hurry-back report to Honor Guard this morning and I am tuckered. But…in light of all the death…this was a gently amusing item. I like to think that if there is more after death (and I really think there has to be) it would have a sense of humor about it. Love and laughter – heaven enough for me. (That site has way too many very interesting maps so visit when you’ve time.)

And then there is the ever-important How Would the U.S. Military Fight a Zombie Army critique.

Just now, I have to think about a chocolate dessert for a coworker’s birthday tomorrow. Hmmm…maybe a kind of trifle using Emergency Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Pastry Cream? Mmmm – with gorgeous white whipped cream on top and chocolate shavings…suh-nap!

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