Storm’s Edge

Dear me, but I cannot concentrate on my work. Try as I might I am just too tired and yet too excited to let go and rest. Suffice to say our area is understaffed as remaining forces are shuttled around the state to aid in hurricane relief. He is essentially in charge of the very few folks left which means his phone has been ringing nonstop for two days and his radio has been on every waking hour. (Which reminds me that I need to add a scanner to our list of stuff…) We watched last night the long trail of cars on the major thoroughfare near the house. The pasture was dark but the red glow of tail lights stretched as far as we could see.

He has a 12 on/12 off shift but last night he stayed out a few hours longer to prevent the oncoming Trooper walking into a mess just as he came on. Of course, this morning he woke after not enough sleep to receive a call for a three vehicle accident with injury. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. And yes, I got my own 4:45a wakeup call by the dog. This time he was out until his father let him back in. I was back in bed, dreaming of a fridge stocked with storm provisions.

This morning, since I was awake when he left, I took the dog to the park and then to the grocery to get enough to last us a few days as well as to feed any of the local forces a sandwich here and there as the duty hours extend. Ice was important – it is the one item that can be a comfort in the south when power fails. A large pan of it at a bedroom window can cool the incoming breeze enough to make sleep possible. It can save your grocery dollars as the food thaws. Of course, it also soothes the worn spirit if a heavy drop or two of scotch accompanies it at the end of a long day.

Right now, though, coffee is important. A couple cups dropped at the car as they did a drive-by a moment ago and my own cup here to keep me going a few more hours. And some to grind just in case – nothing like losing power and seeing your whole beans mocking you from their canister. Not today, Sirrah!

Let’s hope things work out well for all their preparation. All those roads and all those miles traveled to ensure people find a dry place to rest.

[Today’s title brought to you with this print in mind – it and others of the series hang proudly on my wall. One of the finest small Florida towns…visit, won’t you?]

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