Hot damn, but that shower was lovely…definitely better than the 4 days backpacking shower though with rather more fear involved.

This dandy bit of gear ensured the last 3 days were quite tolerable. Though now that it is removed (yes, at home, pre-shower, by Trooper) I am starting to get a sense of the pain I was missing. I suspect the ice packs will be getting some use, now.

It was frightening to take off the bra, knowing that the Frankenboobs awaited. Scary, too, the bandages…I am usually quite brave but this is so different. Innards could become out-ards with a bad cough. But…I have seen flesh that I have not glimpsed in 30 years. No, no – it wasn’t decrepit severely obese rotting flesh. It was pristine, virginal, soft as kittens…

I look fracking TALLER.

If I give it too much thought I get the creeps so I try to just let it be. But…it’s done. Except…

The persistent cough.

Yep, even with the antibiotics. So in case that lovely post-surgery pneumonia decides to rear its ugly head I shall be calling the surgeon’s office in the morning to ensure we don’t need to do anything more about it. Could just be that 17 years of smoking. Or an overly aggressive intubation. Or a microbe that managed to wend its way in against all modern medical miracles.

My goodness, but I was a baby about it. Trooper smartly said nothing – “Just a bit more tape here…” rather than “Here’s me yanking about a foot of catheter line out of your boobs!”. The slightest tickling sensation…but nothing of concern. Still…one wonders…am I a guinea pig? A canary in the coal mine for the product? I hate being an early adopter. But…the lack of pain? Magical.

Amazing, too, the amount of sleep…two hour naps breaking the days apart. Strength regained. But still…that wobbly temperature bothers me. That and the cough. Nothing spiky or frightening but…hell, it’d suck to get through this macro procedure and be layed low by something microscopic.

Strangest – the dog seems to know…subdued as can be. A nosing, a lick, but no jumping into bed, no paws on me. Sweet, sweet…..thanks to all for the kind thoughts and kick-ass prayers. Definitely benefitted from them.

7 responses to “Appearances

  1. Thanks, all!C, dear me but the offer of your cooking is hard to deny! How about a promise of some divine dove delights again when I improve? Trooper would LOVE them as a just reward for his efforts.Thanks, R! You’ve so much more serious health prayers to be sending up – I know it is very hard for a parent to be unwell. LOTS of hugs while you can. And laughs.Just being able to read you guys again is a win for me. Smooches all around!

  2. You are strong, and you have the added benefit that even strong women take too, a good kind man who loves you.I hope you are feeling better (albeit TALLER) soon. Dogs DO know, the one time I was hospitalized as an adult after a near fatal medication reaction the dog laid gingerly by my side for days until I was strong enough to really get up and moving. They just KNOW.

  3. OY! Hope mom feels better soon! I sure miss my own…give yours a hug from me!Brigid, you are so right. On the first day of feeling myself (and sans Trooper) that dog was full of beans.And yes, having a good man to care for me has made all the difference.

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