Long Days

Here I am, caring for a little office work while Trooper finishes his shift. Yes, it’s Saturday. What can I say? I have a lot going on…

The good news? Looks like my one boss is ditching the PIMA APAC job. WOOT!!! How I hate dealing with them! First, there’s the whole time zone issue and then there is the whole spoiled brat issue since they are used to having one person do only their stuff. PFFT. I have 5 bosses, folks. Take a number.

The bad news? He is needed for more pressing items. Like…what is the company going to do in light of int’l finance issues? Oh, I don’t worry for MY job, no. I am fortunate in that regard. And we’re top heavy. But…it’s complicated. If you don’t work in a very -er – VERY large company you have no idea how the spokes from the hub impact so many other things. I guess it’s more web-like, really, where a trembling in one part resonates in another. Suffice to say I shall remain busy for quite some time.

Anyway, yesterday was a real craptacular day…Trooper was on-call and exhausted after doing a 15 hr “part-time” on a movie set here in town, on his feet all day. (If you have the book An Anthropologist On Mars by Oliver Sacks, the story is in there – the last one – about the lady who developed a cattle pen and processing concept, Temple Grandin. EXCELLENT book, BTW.) So he went to bed wiped out.

The phone rang just before 5a. I heard it, heard his silencing the noise, and heard his settling back down in bed. And then his rapid snatching of the cell and recovering the number and message. You could almost hear his thoughts, “Phone, on call, dispatch…”. Turns out it was an ejection, possible fatality wreck and not too far from the house. I rose and started the coffee that was still 30 minutes away from brewing. Stumbling about, I let the dog out, and fed the cats who thought it wonderful I was awake on time for a change.

Trooper forced sleep away with a quick dousing of his face and brush of the flattop. At least the coffee was mostly done before he left. He dressed quickly but not too quickly, not wanting to forget anything. Process ensures preparedness. And then, he was gone into the quite chill air of dark, dark pre-dawn.

It was a sad scene, really. A youth with freshly printed license who decided to drive with an older relative after drinking. The driver, of course, was fine. The relative did not survive the trip. Unfortunately, word drew out the relatives long before victim services arrived. Notification on-scene is unpleasant but sometimes necessary. After they left, it was time to paint the scene. Still dark, he did what he could, flagging points in the grass, taking photos. Later, he would return with his associate and add more paint (with the new irksome method of coding each wheel with dots, dashes, whatever concept you wish to apply and a sort of “key” at the start of each wheel’s departure into mayhem).

So it was 5a-6p, most of it dealing with forms, teletypes, warrants and the like. He came in, apologizing for his attitude during the day. As usual, we went to the bedroom after he put the uniform aside, laying there and just talking about the day, petting the dog. I don’t mind the topic, the details, the review. Not at all. And it decompresses him so that he can breathe easy and just be “off duty”. And, as usual, I left him to rest – the 30 or 60 minutes being all he needs to come back fresh.

A new blogger – new on this topic anyway – has commented here and has the same inquiry on her post about ride-alongs. Sometimes I wish I could spend more hours with him and it’d be nice, yes. But it is so different here. They transport their own arrests – in the front seat. He would never want me exposed to that. Nor would he need the distraction. Too, we can be a few miles from home or be called over 30 miles away to the other side of the county. And if it’s a fatality? You have about 3 hours of misc crap to do. So…I just watch the DVDs and it’s enough.

I don’t really mind the being apart as much in the day – admittedly, that evening shift is harder. But even then…it’s nice to have that separation. Besides, he is in Trooper mode, not fun husband mode. Nope, he’s ALL business. Perhaps it is because I am older. Heck, I dunno. It sure makes the time you DO have together more valuable.

So…that’s about it. That’s how it has been lately…his telling me to stay off the damned office email at night and me calling to see how much longer he’s going to be. LOL But tonight it’s dinner with friends and their baby. I LOVE babies when they are only around a few hours. It may be the last peace we have since his Sgt is headed out of town for a month and Trooper is In Charge. Mmm, mmm…

Interestingly…a local PD stopped by the house the other night. Seems the Chief is “retiring”. Asked Trooper if he’d be interested. My eyebrow went up. Indeed? Well, now…let’s just get this whole Trooper thing finished, shall we? But I could see he was flattered, knew how he’d run that show. And I will “cop” to feeling a surge of pride in my bosom. That’s my man. Hell, yeah.

4 responses to “Long Days

  1. I can see where you would be proud.I have my Mom’s badge from the Sheriff’s department in a little drawer with some pictures. She was my inspiration in so many things. Who we love, and how they love us back makes such a difference in the days that we lead.

  2. Off topic, but I just noticed on your music favorites – Robin Trower.Can we say, nuts about RT in my youth? If you come up this way we do all have to get together, you have a lot of kindred spirits up here.

  3. Joan, can you believe I have done not a damned thing for the holiday this year? First time in a long time. Because I’ve had no time…But I will attempt a small something…Brigid – can I tell you how Bridge of Sighs changed my taste in music overnight? LOL Title track and In This Place…I have an AMAZING Original Master Recording version on CD – with a quality system, the thing is exponentially improved. (And I’d lend it if interested. Drop me a note.)http://www.mofi.com/productcart/pc/home.aspLOVE those things…

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