In The Spirit

A great thanks is owed to Joan this morning for a tale that has finally worked free a bit of holiday spirit in me. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, being a fan of costume and darkness.

But this year I simply couldn’t muster up a bit of care for it. The boxes still stacked away, the plastic pumpkins and strands of orange lights not making an appearance. Too tired, too busy and simply not in the mood. Too somber, really, to be frivolous.

Which is such a complete departure for me that I am seriously wondering Why.

So I’ll get the candy from the store and don something that will be in the spirit of the thing, something to please the children. And remember dimly those holidays of the past with the cardboard cutouts of quartermoon gliding witches and hump backed black cats.

One response to “In The Spirit

  1. Oh dahlink! Thanks for your kind words and linky luv.:o)The Jolly Roger and I went to our very first Halloween Party evah last night. Had a blast! Yes, we went as pirates. As did about 20 other folks. Heh.

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