Just A Few More Things…

If anyone else espouses the point that it is so grand to have a black man as President I am going to have a fit. Because most of them are declaring themselves so pure of racism – and yet cannot let the fuck go of his race! Of course, he’s not even black but that won’t stop them. WTF, people? What in the hell does it matter what color he is?

Also, the whole “I accept that he is my President” line – folks, until he proves his citizenship I cannot. I won’t be like the liberal assholes who declared it far and wide, over and over re: Bush. But in my heart, he hasn’t got the job yet. And likely never will because he has all the keys, now.

Can I just tell you how fucking frightening it is that this man will now have access to the IDs and information on every single agent in the field? AQ needs to know how we’re infiltrating? Done. Russia needs to know which railcar has the nuke? Done. For the first time I sincerely hope there is a separate “skunkworks” layer that will misinform the office.

Trooper wondered how many Secret Service agents would be seeking retirement, now. Not that it matters since Farrakhan will have a generous plenty of guards to offer.

I have never felt the need so deeply and strongly to be well-armed and practiced. I am not even kidding. I have GOT to get the CHL soon. And in shape – time to really concentrate on it. My body must be reliable.

I have this game I play in my mind about Texas – about whether we’d take on Mexico as an ally if things went so south that we had to put up a border on the north. If there is one state that could (and has) give(n) a nation the finger, it’s this one. I may reside in the most liberal section of it but trust me – when the lattes dry up so will the liberals.

Get things in order…I look around me and wonder what I would have to bring if time was short. What to pack. All my English china – useless. Ephemera and pretties – useless. Maybe it’s time to stop the acquisition of same for a time. Concentrate on things that will be useful. Like boots and packs, targets and ammo. Guns. I told Trooper that we’d be looking at what we don’t have and filling in the spaces.

You see, I am not an alarmist, really. But I AM a planner. Plans, backup plans, and all what-ifs accounted for. He is that Ranger type – make do with what you have, take only what you need. Deal with whatever happens when it happens. Which means a frightening lack of toothpaste, I assume.

Lastly…this which is far too spot-on for comfort. Well, for the comfort of some. Trust me – it’s coming. As soon as the mortgage bill keeps coming and the winter heating oil isn’t free. Then the ennui…LOL Oh, it’s gonna be fun.

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

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