International Sign Language

At about 3 mins in, she makes her opinion clear. What I have to say is this: they may be the sexiest couple I have ever seen. (Sir, you have one gorgeous wife. Look at that laugh! Ma’am, his forearms make me weak in the knees. And that smile? How is it you let him leave the house? Ever?)

Tip o’ the beanie to Billy’s link to this!

6 responses to “International Sign Language

  1. Thankee, all!Trooper’s FJR is a blast to ride and we have – on a very rare and nigh empty road – goosed it over 110. I held on, head down, and prayed my fat ass didn’t blow the tire.I know he has gone much faster alone sans witnesses.Speed kills, sometimes. But it’s FUN!

  2. I have watched it a couple times! I try to watch HIM but she is so entertaining that I am distracted.Not to mention the glorious language. Definitely one I’d love to learn…

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