Choice Vids

Damn that Mistress of Slack! I am SUPPOSED to be in bed, catching up on lost sleep. Noooo…she had to link over to crazy-ass SNOTR. So, before I toddle off…

Made Of WIN

The Office War (so many great mockery moments but I love the styro-guts and laserjet stand as barrier)

And, just to add some light and sweetness to the pit o’ despair that this place has become…

Now, everybody be quiet so I can sleep. Yes, this means you frackin’ Aussies, too!

7 responses to “Choice Vids

  1. What she said.The Office War is going in my permanent bookmarks. I don’t miss the cube farm very often, except when I see something like that.The Discovery commercials are brilliant, the kids love them almost as much as the rest of the shows.

  2. Gawd, that was fun!I think office wars should be madatory on fridays…or maybe mondays…start the week off right, ya know?Boom-di-adda, indeed!JW

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