Long Days and Shopping Ways

In these short winter days it’s particularly nice to be out in the light and the wind. I’ve been enjoying Trooper’s long weekend, taking time off of work to allow us long hours together. We spent much time – and too much money – at the REI sale. We’ve made gear a priority in our lives and found some very good deals. While we are just as happy getting things from inexpensive sources, they happen to have an amazing sale just now and I highly recommend a visit to a store or their site.

One interesting and inexpensive item was this stick light. Compact, it offers a clear white, a red, orange or other colored light, and a colored flashing light as well as a whistle all in one compact package. A few of those went in each of our go bags. We also found very inexpensive and small med kits, and acquired a new backpack for under $15 to hold Trooper’s go-bag items, replacing the range bag that was just too small.

And then I found this jacket on sale for 1/3rd the cost and snatched it up. Also tucked into my kit was this matching vest. Slimming as hell, and very toasty, it was also a third of its normal price. I have a very fancy Columbia jacket set from ages ago but it demanded I buy a mens size to fit the puppies and so it’s a rather overlarge fit. The above is entirely different, showing curves, with no bulky sleeves dangling. Just an amazing match at a very reasonable cost.

Allow me to note that we detest the other shop full of in-town yuppy scum and rude help – hie thee to the Round Rock store. FAR more friendly personnel, aisles arranged to permit easy shopping, and just an all-around superbly pleasant experience. There is Ikea nearby to tempt you with Scandehoovian swag, also.

Today, I think we’ll take Ranger to the park and do some additional search and rescue play. He’s learning so quickly – after just a couple attempts he has understood the “game”. And he loves it – when he finds one of us, you can just see the pleasure in his full body wagging.

And the diet? Heh…well, I’ll admit to giving up on the Splenda in the coffee routine. It was giving me headaches (since everything else had Splenda in it, also) so I just went back to my raw sugar but use perhaps half as much. This weekend, we allowed ourselves to splurge on baked potatoes, divine Mexican food, and wee cups of beloved Bluebell Ice Cream. Today, we’re back on track. And happier for having a day of pleasure.

Hours and hours together…it’s been quite nice. And a bit of downtime that we needed so much. And? Looks like next month might bring about that bit of snowtime that I’ve been aching for. I better get my ass in better shape. The altitude will kill me, otherwise.

It’s a good life, you know…for all the dark days coming and troubles they may bring…there are bright moments enow…

4 responses to “Long Days and Shopping Ways

  1. There you are! So glad to hear of a pleasant interlude. We’ll all need a bit of it before the 20th, I suppose.The Jolly Roger stayed home from work yesterday with stomach ills, but the poor dear mostly slept and slept, so hard has he been pushing. It did my heart good to see him decompress. I know you know what I mean… just <>rest<>.

  2. It’s good to hear that the little bit of cheat helped. I know it does me, when I’m on a strict diet of some sort. I also know about never getting any time, just time. We always have so much going on that we never get those days together. We try to plan them, but it doesn’t always work out. Of course, having two teenagers tends to get in the way sometimes. Hey Joan, I’m looking forward to the 20th. Everything will be better, right? That’s what he meant by change, right? 🙂

  3. You two…LOL…indeed, just plain brain rest is lovely. Trooper’s been a bit of a bear lately so this quiet has been sweet.Yes, the small cheat day was what we needed. I could eat salads all week if I could just get some snackage on the weekend.Teenagers? Heh – I’ll take the dog ANY DAY.

  4. I’ve got a dog too. Am I doomed? Actually, the youngest will be off to college in three and a half years, and the oldest will graduate next year. So I don’t have too much left. Then it’s just them showing up randomly and staying for weeks on end and asking for money and bringing people over whenever, etc, etc.

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