How She Does It

…I have no idea. But look:
“Icy water and warm lips, we thirst, we reach with that last translucent breath, closing our eyes to softly bite the secret barb.”

Damn it.

If I had a left nut, I’d give it to acquire that sort of language. Just amazing…

5 responses to “How She Does It

  1. Quite the package that woman! Great writer, talented cook, gifted photographer, dedicated shooter, and very well educated forensic professional. The eye of a poet and the skills to translate the vision into images that we, the unwashed, can appreciate.

  2. I found myself wishing that there were more to that piece, a whole book to fill my mind with. Truly wonderful writing.I would give up a family jewel to write like that..since I already have two rugrats it wouldn’t be an issue. 😉

  3. Thank you folks. Ed. . you are too kind. . as a writer of note, with published work, that’s a compliment.Honest Laura. . the secret is Guinness. One of those and a warm fire and the words just flow.

  4. Darlin’, in the immortal words of my mother: “Chuh!”You are gifted, truly.(And try to tell me you didn’t give a wee girlish giggle over Ed’s compliments. Hell, *I* did for ya!)

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