Alive…and Taking the First Watch

Well, praise be and pass the ammunition – the hard drive was fine, the case and innards were kaput.

I was looking over my Amazon list, having FINALLY gotten my Christmas Corporate Reacharound certificate applied (did they need that money to launch the new K1ndle, maybe?) I found a reference to this – simply put, you will NOT be sorry to buy the CD and listen to it completely over and over.

Neil Finn – Try Whistling This (title track)

Oh, I used to listen to that CD all the time! I’d forgotten about it, really…but will be taking it on the road with me from now on.

It’s been quiet here…Trooper is “on assignment” and often unavailable. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to cook for one, to spend time on the net, to just…entertain myself. It’s been interesting, really…but a bit sad, too. Also, I have to wear the gun all the time. Yay and sheesh, all at once.

Ranger is very unhappy. He smells Trooper’s shoes, looks for him around the house…last night, he was frenetic, playing rough and crazed outside and suddenly just ran in wide circles as fast as he could. I knew it as a sign of upset…his brain trying to figure out the Wrongness and shoving Action at him to see if it helped. I guess it did – he slept after…

I woke at 4:30a and was unable to get back to sleep. I drifted in thought a bit but surrendered and loaded the washing machine, instead. It’s early yet but I could easily take a book to bed. But then I might miss his call…

2 responses to “Alive…and Taking the First Watch

  1. I have to go to Chicago for two days to be a keynote speaker. I have to dress up. I have to be in CHICAGO. I may have to go punch a hippie. Ugh. Tam watching the Range and Barkley. I sometimes hate to leave.At least I left a Guinness cupcake to come home to.

  2. Chgo?Ack. Pfft. Raised there, left, and have NEVER BEEN BACK.LOLDon’t forget the spare pair of hosiery – you know if you don’t that you’ll ruin them somehow.If you punch a hippy would you mind just stepping on their instep before you leave?As for the cupcake. Oh, I see your cupcake and raise you…TIRAMISU! Heh heh…

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