Um…Where was I?

That’s what I’m wondering because whatever I was going to do was forgotten about a dozen links ago. I do know it started with Joan’s link to the fracking Scribbler. Don’t Do It! (From the same guy, this link to a pattern display of Walmart openings…intriguing lack thereof in the WY area…did I ever tell you the Walmart game? Try to find something that does NOT say Made In China on it.)

Then – hell, I have no idea how I got there but there was this.

Makes the dog seem relatively – er – tame in comparison.

So, Trooper will be home JUST in time for V-day. I received my lovely gift this evening. He covered all the bases with fleurs, teddy bear and chocolate in one package! He is a romantic GENIUS! [Insert bom-chica-bom-bom music.]

Seriously, though…I’ll be glad to be off-duty, so to speak. I tend to sleep hard and I always worry I won’t hear a door or window open…but then, there IS the dog for that.

And now, the Doodle declares it time for 2nd dinner. She is the barker for this carnival of cats…or the harbinger of doom. Whichever.

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