I don’t suppose there is any harm in never learning how to Purl, is there?


“I am NOT an idiot. I can do this. I am NOT an idiot. I can do this…”

6 responses to “Ummm…

  1. HAHAHHAAHAAA!Where have I heard *that* before?!Okay, this is the deal. Way back when I was a wee child, either my grandmother or my great-aunt taught me how to knit. All I knew how to do was cast on (wrongly) and knit. For thirty-something years all I really knew how to do was knit garter-stitch scarves and huge scarves also known as afghans. Period.Now, you might want to go sit next to Richmond. She may have something to share, too.You are doing GREAT!; )

  2. Christina has it esactly right – 7 months into the knitting thing and I have not yet attempted to purl – hell, I am still working on my “rectangle” (so far that’s what it is…)You can sit by me – it will all be just fine! 🙂

  3. Oh, DO let me sit by you! LOL You guys cracked me up first thing this morning – and made me feel a lot better about this mocking row of yarn on the needles.Never surrender!!

  4. purling is just Ginger Rogers to knitting’s Fred Astaire…backwards and in high heelsComing from a man who knits, once you figure it out, it’s like…”why wasn’t I doing that all along.”the gotcha is, when you knit down one row and purl the next, you’ll get a good smooth side and a nubby side, and the material will tend to curl, tube scarf anyone? alternating KKPP etc will give you nice waffle patterns…experimenting is half the fun. Now excuse me I have to go clean my shotgun…BillS in CT

  5. You are lucky dear. When Christina taught me to knit . . . within an hour or two she was forcing the purl on me. I am glad she did! I love it. I love knitting. I can’t read a pattern at all, but I can knit one helluva scarf! 😉 Congrats on getting down with the sickness! Abd last i checked, there was room on Rich’s bench for us all!

  6. I AM down with the sickness! I AM!Bill, you crack me up! I love that line and applying it here makes good sense.And now, I think I’ll take these needles to bed – maybe I can put them under my pillow and get it all through osmosis.

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