Her Own 40 Acres?

First Lady digs into South Lawn for new White House Kitchen Garden

Oh, it’s classic – glistening in her Ralph Lauren Black sweater…you really have to see it…
Better still?

Students at Washington’s Bancroft Elementary School participated in the groundbreaking earlier today on the South Lawn of the White House. They will continue to help care for the garden until time to harvest. (The White House grounds keepers and the kitchen staff will do most of the work in the new garden.)

And now we know who the mule(s) is (are).

Stay classy, M!

4 responses to “Her Own 40 Acres?

  1. If she got anywhere near my garden…which my woman and I do 100% ourselves…my plants would eat her…and then probably die.We’re serious about our garden, and I’m serious when I tell you…I wear designer knee pads.Bwahahahahah!!!!What a loser.

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