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  1. The “gate guards” and “aircraft on a stick” are reminders for a citizenry that has grown soft with comforts and a pandering government. Each of those aircraft lead back to a period in our history, some more critical than others, but all of them important. Rather than wonder, take a bit of time to find out what the aircraft is. What’s the type, when did it fly, what was its mission, what history did it write. Some of those searchs will be unrewarding as the aircraft will turn out to be little more than an airframe that was available and slightly symbolic with little history. But, some of those searches will return the stuff of legends. The Mustangs and Lightnings and Jugs of WW II are largely gone, except for some still maintained on AF bases. The Sabres and Thunderjets of Korea are around yet–more Sabres than F-84s. The Cold War F-89s and 94s, and the Delta wingged F-102s and 106s guarded the nation for decades without firing a shot. The Phantoms and Thuds, Crusaders and Skyhawks wrote large in SE Asia, a story most of America is blissfully unaware of and happy to ignore. The recent generation of Vipers and Eagles, Tomcats and Hornets still hasn’t made the pole-sitters. But they will!

  2. I was musing about how much internal useful goodness was hacked out of the lovelies before they were mounted on their pikes. As you say, shells of their former selves.Camp Mabry has many along the jogging trail and I once took a very long walk around, touching every surface as Trooper patiently waited. In the constant TX wind, they still flexed as though alive…http://www.texasmilitaryforcesmuseum.org/exhibits.htmTrooper was enthusiastically explaining the tanks, of course. But my eyes strained to the wings…Indeed, I could do more to learn about them, stuck as they are, now.

  3. Once, I was riding the Harley past the gate at NAS Dobbins. As soon as I saw the F-105G (63-08345), I was out of the gas and pulling over.http://www.coastcomp.com/av/pres/atlanta/f105.htmI was standing there getting my helmet off when the guard stepped out of the shack and shooed me away.I’ve always regretted that I wasn’t up for the fight that day. I should have marched right over to that rotten bastard and told him to shut the fuck up.

  4. Och, Billy – they’re very sensitive on that base…even with Trooper’s sticker and ID, it was a sort of gauntlet.But yes, I would have been tempted to remind him that the ground they were on was paid for already and open to any citizens foot…

  5. <>“Billy – they’re very sensitive on that base.”<>That goddamned punk. My father was pulling duty there with a Top Secret clearance before he was out of diapers.

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