Ah, the rare house guests…I do love to cook for an audience and for the next few days I shall have a happy-to-eat group of men. Trooper’s riding partner from the old days on the motor unit is here with his father. They rode their bikes from Atlanta if you can believe it, barely missing the amazingly foul weather striding across the south.

We’ve a full 72 hours of fun planned but for today I’ve sent them off on their own to be boys together again. They’ll come home to a pork loin, scalloped taters and roasted asparagus. And zuccotto. Ah, lovely yummy zucotto….

The company is not the kind that demands much – and they make me laugh which is something I dearly love to do. I will overlook a great deal in a person that can amuse me.

And so…it’s time for a brief bit of work and then a nap before its time to start some yeast rolls. Oh, yes…yeast rolls. Because men love them.

Tomorrow? On the road, the lovely FJR beneath us and the road ahead…

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