Hurried and Varied

I am waiting on my sister – we’ve gardening to do while the sun doesn’t shine which in the TX heat is a great thing. Meanwhile, there is a fat LOT of material to work with these days…

Something semi-cheering: a great t-shirt for your next rabble rousing. H/T – The Porch

V-man addresses the real cause of failure in the automotive market with his usual application of erudition. Reminded me how pissed off this latest video made me the other day. John Rich – complaining about how the gov’t is “Shutting Detroit Down“. Aw, get the hell outta here! They priced their asses out of the fucking market. You wanted a union? You got one. And with them, you ate your seed corn. Want a song? Jack’s got one for you.

Billy tackles all the “noise about torture“. My friends – there are a generous plenty of men who pay rather a lot of money for far worse treatment. Only difference is the women are in leather and spikey heels. And instead of calling it torture, it’s a “lifestyle choice”. I always want to ask people – right now, here and now – choose: kneeling in front of a snarling dog with panties on your head or I cut off your head with a dull knife, taking my time. Choose. Choose you dumb son of a bitch, right fucking now. (Aw hell, don some leather and heels and express the same and walk away with $1,000. Might as well make a profit from it.)

So there – that’s what I’ve got for you today. Have a great day!

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