Running On Empty

Goodness but I’m busy these days. Work remains very busy as the Powers That Be look at the market and try to play around it. Trooper has been playing catch-up since our long weekend, making several CMVs unhappy Thursday. There’s the knitting that I’ve FINALLY grasped – raglan is my bitch, now. And…a sickly puppy…

Ranger was a bit slow to the bowl and quiet around the house for a few days. We thought perhaps it was all the travel or perhaps his usual MO when hitting a growth spurt. But then we saw his ability to, as Trooper said, shit through a keyhole at twenty paces and we knew he really was unwell. We gave it a day, keeping an eye on the unpleasant. But then it was time to perform some analysis. Yes, poop overwatch was a part of it. No more hose drinking, just in case. A careful look at the garden – did he eat one of those onion sets he dug up (grrr and oh dear)? Or did he eat one of those funky grey mushrooms?

We slaughtered the mushrooms and hope that keeps them down. We no longer let him out without supervision, and he is on the brown rice and boiled chicken diet to get his system back to normal. He continues to drink water so we don’t think he has any issue with dehydration. And he is active though taking his rest, too. With any luck, he’ll be back to his old self soon. Right now, I’m trying to decide how to mow and move the grass without getting desecrated.

Yes, mowing…which my triceps are just gonna LOVE. We’ve been back on the health kick, thank goodness, so eating well and working out are – well, working out! That last arms/abs session, though, has made brushing my hair a rather painful feat. Nothing for it but to use the muscles and get that healing done properly. So, mowing while Trooper works.

The good thing? I was able to get a few really nice Coolmax-like pieces of attire at REI last night (along with the go-bag items – Katadyn water purifier and walkie talkies – on sale). Time to get to work.

Oh, and the last thing keeping me busy? A detailed and lengthy post for these guys. Wish me literary luck because I haven’t composed something like that in a rather long time…

I miss my blog reading so much!! Damn this whole “having a life” thing!!

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