For now, anyway…

Oh, I’ve been in an absolute state for 48 hrs as my employer gave out the first notices. A bit of shuffling of deck chairs, perhaps, but this is about me, no? And remaining gainfully employed is damned good.

Mind you, I suspect August will present the very same situation but at least I’ve a few months to gather some plans about me…toss some ideas out and see where they go…

I’ve never experienced this situation (I’ve been so fortunate). The pleasure of that cloud passing is an amazing sensation…a kind of precursor, I think, when one is glad that it wasn’t dear sweet You and someone else that felt the noose. There are worse nooses possible and terrible reasons to be glad…

(Eh, wot? A pessimist? Ah, well – guilty as charged.)

2 responses to “Safe!

  1. Thankee! And I hope the smooth sailing continues your way as you work and sweat in the western lands…

    You know you can always call if you need help. I love labor…so much more satisfying than pushing pixels around.

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