A Man’s Gotta Eat

My sister sent a message indicating another “cannery day” coming up and would I care to do it again. You bet your LDS ass I do. I’ll put in an order to King Arthur Flour for 25 lbs of it and a lot of Texmati rice – perhaps some more beans and oatmeal. As before…and sugar. Sugar will be a damned commodity, I fear. (And the dog food, damn it. Must remember the dog food…)

The gentleman here mentions China and their African interests. They need a new continent, after all, and they’ve surely the means to make green what is now barren. And a generous amount of spacefor the mass graves necessary to make room for that plenty…

Food. You’ll need it. It won’t be around. The kindly LDS folks do not care who you are or what you are. All are welcome to order and can what they will. I highly recommend a visit to their site. If you want some sobering up? See how much you’ll need to get through a year.

3 responses to “A Man’s Gotta Eat

  1. Its worth noting that most LDS canneries have a portable canning unit that can be 'checked out' and taken home. You can buy cans and lids from the cannery and , at home, can things that may not be available at the cannery. A nice way to expand on the variety of what you have in store.

  2. Cmdr, you are absolutely right. I prefer their on-site option because it has long restaurant prep tables that speed up the process.

    But we've also checked out the can sealer and canned at home. An incredibly kind gesture because we priced the thing and it was damned expensive.

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