Titus Pullo – Lust We Must

Courtesy of this amazing site, I learn that Rome shall return once again. This time? The big screen. Lookit!

Also mentioned is a movie about Hypatia called “Agora“. A long while back I was on quite the reading jag for all things Roman and acquired a book on the poor woman. Och, poor is the wrong word – she was an incredibly gifted genius who made the mistake so many have made in the past. Men who seek power will always cry out “witch” when they find a strong woman in the way.

The ending is the same.

Still, it is good to remember her all these years since…

2 responses to “Titus Pullo – Lust We Must

  1. Outstanding! Rome is one of my top five favorite TV shows of all time. Between the historical accuracy of the sets, costumes, etc. and the amazing acting, every episode was something to be savored.

    I can't wait to see Vorenus and Pullo in action again!

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