I saw the briefest mention of some Nikon kerfuffle at the oh-so-esteemed Blogher event. I just had to note a few things in passing that mean absolutely zero to anyone but me.

One – the title of the thing is Blogher, not BlogMoms or Blogbreeders. Her. Nikon invited women to an event – not women and any child/ren they may have with them.
Two – what in the hell is the attraction in sitting around with a lot of women who believe their every word is so damned important that they not only have to blog it all but they have to go to a damned convention about blogging and then blog about the blogging convention?
Three – Nikon held an EVENING event. Now, even a non-breeder like me knows that such an event would – oh, GOD, am I aging myself?! – mean that you got a sitter – not that you brought your adorable spawn along. Or is that oh-so-19th century of me?
Four – Lord knows there were enough WOMEN there to get together a fucking baby sitting consortium.
Five – “Oh, but the event sooo respects women and babies and families and our incessant puling…” Then stay at the event. Relish this time of attention and grrrl love.

Aw, fuck it. My bad attitude is showing. Much like my absolute disdain for adding any sort of adware, aware-ware, self-promotion or other such nonsense to this mess. If you want a business as a writer than damned well do it and call it such. Because after awhile it’s not a blog. It’s a business with all that it entails. Like ENTERTAINING adults and behaving like adults and moving around in a business world of adults.

But what the hell do I know? Even my ovaries walked out on me. Right?

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