Cuckoos Egg

This is perhaps the best article I’ve read on the matter of the Usurper.
“Dezinformatsiya”: The “Birthers” Controversy Rolls On, But to What End?

I personally think that there is a sort of web of unrelated and yet deeply associated people who have been positioned in 20 years to take this very road we are on. Cankles? Yes. Why didn’t she use the info against him in the contest? Because it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if she won.

The goals are the same and they are being met. And what better than to have another mystery “suicide”? Utter turmoil in a country would follow, permitting all manner of jack booted controls to be instituted and then never lifted…Do you think that Biden/Pelosi would rule? Don’t be silly.

I work now to afford to get what I need to survive this. The rest – the charade of voting, pretending your taxes are just and equitable, the foolish premise that you are represented – I’ve never believed it and I never shall. I won’t put my neck out there, no. I won’t “walk the walk” because I am quite clear on the power they wield. But I will also ensure that I can manage without them. THAT is my only goal.

And we’ve been blessed to know a number of others who feel the same. And are prepared for much the same. I don’t claim to be ready – I don’t pretend to any sort of elite skillz. But I am at least walking through this with my eyes wide open. Oh, I See. I always have.

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