I would never have thought that a Whole Foods CEO could draft this missive. Not to say I agree with all of it but it’s a decent whack at the thing that goes slam against what I am sure most people expected from that corner.

Heh…kind of made me snicker…

H/T: Grok Mistress

P.S. If you are the praying kind, spare one or two for her and Elway. I may not comprehend the all out desire to procreate but I sure do respect her information acquisition and smart approach to the whole thing. You hang in there, Elway, damn it!

3 responses to “Huh…

  1. I tend to avoid Whole Foods mainly because their typical customer is a type of pious Prius-drivin' organo greenie who already we have far too many of in the Bay Area – and with whom I went to college in Santa Cruz. Perhaps this will thin the herd and improve the breed. As a cultural fer-instance, when the semi-distant Albertson's closed our local Safeway suddenly got very weird for a while, as if there were a special show at Shoreline every night. All kinds of neighbor-people I never seen before started showing up, some a lotta fun like convertible-drivin' big-hair divorcee airline-stewardess hootchee-mama's…

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