Round Here…

…kids don’t wear helmets to go outside.

I really liked this post by Pioneer Woman. One sees it here so often – the kids are made of sterner stuff. We’ve friends whose young boys are quite capable of every single manly task and duty necessary for survival sans the modern world. They work in the ungodly heat all day without a complaint, with smiles. We adore those young men and I like to think that if we had kids they’d be the same…

My stepdaughter used to be that way – so decisive and goal driven – fearless. For a few years she has floundered about, and I’ve been so worried and yet hands-off. She is quite old enough to care for herself. Still, Trooper and I have talked often about her and wished for better…

One must always parent from a distance when they’ve come of age. It is their life to live or ruin. And it pains me so much to see her taking chances with it but I’ve held my tongue. And now, perhaps, we can offer more support, more connections without feeling as though we are condoning a behavior we don’t agree with.

She called last week to relate her new path. When she was young she’d been interested in medicine and volunteered at a hospital for a long summer. She’d gone to college thinking it’d be her major. But then immaturity and foolishness lost that goal. She has been tinkering in her life since. Now, full-circle, she comes to the thought that maybe nursing/EMT work would be the thing. And Trooper and I heaved a collective sigh. YESSSS….

She WANTS to be a flight nurse (mixing her other love of flight with that interest in medicine). So…it is all quite promising. If she’d just let go that man-boy of hers…I know, I know…I shouldn’t judge like that but it is a fact and one that, for some reason, she is content with! Perhaps she gets to be in charge and it pleases her. But that sort of thing becomes quite disenchanting after a few years.

Oh, let her just Be Wise – that is my usual whispered wish…it ought to suffice.

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