I love this guys’ wares. We own a few things – small and within our means. His coin collections are very worth looking over.

It’s an amazing thing, really, reaching over and holding in ones hand something that tinkled in a bag on someones waist before Christianity had a namesake. You want to smell it, lick it, search for a remnant of that time. But its long lost, so many hands having done the same thing for so long.

I crave this one, though – the La Tène Period sword and scabbard. Or this strigil – which was nicely demonstrated in the series Rome, actually. I took deep personal pleasure in knowing what it was called. I’m a damned freak that way.

I love that these things have survived, have been saved and hoarded till now. And I want all of them, really, but I know – it’d be damned hard to leave it behind if circumstances demanded it. How was it others found a way to bring them forward? Just amazing…

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