There is a very interesting convo here, noted by Roberta here.

I have, for many years, found it astounding how so many religions across so many centuries have so many common stories and backgrounds. “Hang he pah du rootless tree” easily translated over to a crucifix much later. An ancient triskele becomes a four-legged cross which survived around the world across many ages only to be snatched up as a symbol of German wretchedness. And, it would seem, a taste for blood and dominion was substantiated by a wholesale retelling of a “savior” story.

All these things across all the ages in the name of a God or Gods which none can ensure await them after this path ends. It is faith only that supports them and I am always amazed at what it allows people to survive. Faith alone can move us from the very edge of our lives back to a center. But that faith can be turned by a crafty individual to serve his own purpose. Because it helps to have something concrete to put ones faith in.

My opinion of Islam? An utter sham suited to ensure the pyramid scheme of power continues unabated. Is there a way to find “agreement”? No. The very tenets demand nothing less than our adherence or death. There are no other “outs”. Well, that of slavery and tithing for survival.

Does that mean I wish to place them all in a compound? No. However, it does make me itch to thank them all for their time, cash them out and send them back home with a pat on the fanny. Been swell, adios. Happy to deal with you – from a generous distance. Anything less is accepting a risk – a guaranteed risk – that you will have to one day submit or die. “Moderates” will say that there is an option – that the religion isn’t so damning. But the religion also states that it’s alright to lie, to hide, to deny all if it means the desired end is met. Therefore, no protestations can be trusted on their face.

This also means that we’ve no business meddling in their affairs. Go home, do whatever you like – there. We will leave you to your advancements or steady decline. It has been our bane that we feel the need to “save” people from themselves. One can extend that all the way back home to the welfare state. Once upon a time stupid people failed. It hurt, usually. And they learned. The removal of that failure, that pain, is what has made this country what it is today.

I know these opinions are not popular. I am confident an educated person could argue me to death over them. But I do not try to wash it over with any manner of “my religion is better than yours” dogma. I know merely what they say. I know them by their acts. I understand their commandments. And I weary of those who will gloss them over with a parental kindness and slap of a wrist and a “they’ll grow out of it” mentality. Fine, let them. Just not here, not among us, and let us not be the lab for their explosive experiments in higher learning.

We’ve our own growing pains to attend to, after all. No?

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