“The F-35 Lightning II has no Head-up display because all targets are tracked by the aircraft’s situational awareness and the sensor fusion is presented in the pilot’s helmet mounted display system that provides an augmented reality system that allows the pilot to look through his own aircraft as if it wasn’t there.”

Well, fuck me running…as though that beast wasn’t slick enough…huh. Must confirm this with my associate. [Wanders off, mumbling…]

7 responses to “Seriously?

  1. That's the first I've heard of this as well. As a pilot, and someone who has had to rely on military equipment in the past, I would be somewhat nervous about having to depend solely on my helmet for situational awareness. You'd think that there'd at least be a HUD to provide redundancy, as they have in the Apache.

    I look forward to reading the results of your consultations.

  2. Well, my associate was unable to confirm nor deny. Of course, that may not be their area of…er…contribution. Sigh! They did indicate that there was rumor to that effect. I shall take THAT as a confirmation. LOL

  3. Up til now I hadn't given much thought to the F-35 because the F-22 seemed like the superior fighter, (like the comparison between the F-16 & F-15, where I believe the F-15 is a superior weapons platform) but now I may have to do a little more digging. My curiosity is definitely piqued. I'll let you know if I find out anything further.

  4. You need a more current associate! Seriously, I can't tell you conclusively that the F-35 won't have a HUD, but I will tell you that it has an array of skin mounted cameras and computing power to seamlessly integrate the data from those sensors and present it in an unbroken display to the helmet. Effectively it makes your own aircraft transparent to you. You no longer have to roll up on a wing to see what is below you. Simply look through the wing or the floor!

    It also integrates data from multiple exterior sources such as a partner aircraft, a ground sensor, AWACS, satellite or others to allow totally passive (non-emitting) operation.

    The F-22 is the “superior” fighter in terms of air dominance. The F-35 is the superior aircraft for ground attack yet like the Viper it retains significant self-defense capability against airborne threats.

  5. Darling Ed! I'd hoped you'd help us out with this. I cannot help but see the Wonder Woman aircraft when I think of this.

    Oh, to be 18 once again…and short. And a math genius.

  6. I don't think “short” factors in. I'm 6' and Robin Olds was 6'2″. I had a former POW flying the F-4 with me in Spain who was 6'6″ and naturally was called “Tiny”.

    As for math genius-ness, I flunked out of a chemistry major in college with the various flavors of calculus. If you can add/subtract, multiply/divide you would have as much as you needed.

    The driving factor for success in the business (like so many others) is attitude! I think there is a LEO tie-in there too!

  7. “Tiny”…you guys make me laugh. And you also put me back in mind re: the wings…the ache and desire are always laid low when I consider the technical and mathematical aspects.

    Attitude? The consummate pessimist that I am makes it hard, sometimes, to set goals. A character flaw that has always dogged me.

    But that sky…damned if it doesn't always make me look.

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