What They Said – Surviving

It relates to a recent post here – getting through the coming months… Both Og and Brigid have excellent posts related to it. And a commenter on B’s notes this, “When it comes to survival, we do not rise to the occaision, we default to our level of training.” And that is why I need to spend oh, so much more time on it.

I am capable of making a meal from few ingredients, making do with very little, and I inherited my mother’s hatred of waste. Trooper’s grandfather used to, as a child, go to the woods with his friend and find the pine knots there. They would sell that fat wood to the housewives to start their kitchen fires. It wasn’t much but it put a jingle in his pocket. It is that kind of drive to make it that has been bred out of the young. A mere generation – that’s all it took.

When one sees the rare young person capable of taking care of themselves it truly is notable. That is a sad thing, indeed.

There is much more to say on the matter but I let the links above do the talking – they do it so much better than I…

3 responses to “What They Said – Surviving

  1. Your observation is correct regarding the younger generation, but it took more than one generation to pacify the independent spirit. It's taken a focussed effort by the left for the last fifty years. Since the early sixties the mantra of political correctness, government largesse, entitlement to all things, and demand for redistribution of wealth has been indoctrinated in our schools.

    Today my college classes will often complain to me after being corrected, “that's just your opinion and I'm entitled to mine…”

    They somehow ignore the teacher/student relationship and the fact that they pay to attend and I get paid to teach them. They have not rational arguments, no motivation for research, and feel no obligation to contribute to society or this great nation.

    Fortunately for us in the red states, comes the revolution, they also will have no stomach for the fight.

    Sorry, you set me off this AM.

  2. D.W. – you got that right. B makes me feel absolutely juvenile in my scribblings…

    Ed – I have NO IDEA how you cope. Seriously. The thought that facts are dependent upon opinions? It's twisted! I'd go so far as to say deviant. It makes Truth an impossible destination.

    As to your last? It is quite true. Sad, though. At least I know a few young men raised to be able to carry that guidon. Proud of them…so very proud…

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