Relatedly…Okay, Not Really

First – why can’t this barebones template offer a more useful bit of HTML for sizing that title graphic piece? I get irked everytime I try to pop a photo in there. It looks like lame 1989.

Second – no matter what the above implies, I love me a geek. Like these. It’s lovely. Just lovely work.

Third – I was not aware of just how much the dog loves cold weather until the other evening. He took his antler chew bone (indestructible!) and was prancing, bronching, leaping and tossing it around in joy. Grunting was also heard. And then he did his mad-eyed tail-tucked run around the yard, dropping the antler right where he intended to stop and change direction, only to haul ass back with it. Over and over until he finally had to stop at the water bowl. He cracks me UP with that business. And so wolf-like the rattle of bone in his teeth…

Fourth – why does the moon have to be out on a perfect star gazing eve like that night was? The sky was lovely but…muted. Made me wish for Marfa again…

Fifth – just how bad is it when my biceps hurt from carrying two books around for 3 hours? Pitiful, sad pudgy arms…

Sixth – I love waffle fabric. LOVE. Thermals, you know? It’s like being swaddled. Cozy, warm, soft…

Seventh – there is no seventh.

Eighth – people are all romantic all around of late. Even a dear friend is unable to escape it. It thrills me to pieces, hearing the news from him. I can’t wait for it all to come out, eventually.

Ninth – why do those wacky Mormons all seem so damned nice?! I want to just smack their nicely coiffed and attired selves. And ask for makeup tips.

Tenth – I want to go shooting. I want my gun and I want to shoot it. MINE. This is the reason doing business with friends is difficult. But Trooper is on the job – I suspect it is only a matter of a few more weeks…but now he has scheduled my CHL for Saturday and I am NOT READY. (I don’t like tests. Have I mentioned that? Hey – we can make that #7.)

Bonus: Trooper is off for the evening, blacksmithing. How’s THAT for sexy? He stinks something wonderful after. Mmmmm….

3 responses to “Relatedly…Okay, Not Really

  1. I have found Blogger's templates somewhat frustrating at times, too. For example, in my template they limit the number of widgets/blogroll thingies you can have on the left side of the blog page, so I had to eliminate some of my graphics. But it's free, and simple enough for me to use, so I guess I'll just put up with it for now. I am thinking about taking the plunge and getting my own domain, though.

    As to #3, my doggies have always LURVED them some snow, or even chilly days. OMG, they always get so froggy! Partially, I think it's 'cause my bassets (PBUT) used to drag their – ahem! – undercarriages in the snow when they walked.

  2. D.W. – those are not dogs. They are mobile floor mats. With ears like warm velvet.

    Thanks, J for taking up a few hours of my time. ARGH! Oh, hey – that was funny.

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