Post-Holiday Restoration Plan

We are most assuredly NOT big holiday types in our house. It helps not having kids – one need not break out all the decor and make a big deal of it…matter of fact, aside from some knitting things we’ve very little going on…

But what about after the holiday? In other words – What About Me?! Or, as it were, You?
Well, if you are in the Austin area, consider this…

BookPeople would like to thank all our loyal customers and friends with a
special New Year’s Day discount. From 11 AM until 11 PM, almost everything in
the store is 20% off. CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY, all day on January 1st,

It’s an interesting shop, right in the middle of town and near some nice shopping so one could have quite the diverting expedition. (Ed, they also host a great many author events there…hint, hint…)

If you’re looking to get anything at a good price, this is the day and the place to do it!

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