When It Rains

Remember a few posts ago that 1911 deal that I couldn’t pass up? No sooner do I get it than my darling, me beloved Springfield shows up in the sights of a good friend. He has ordered it from his contact – a single unit and unfound anywhere else lately – at a very good price.

Springfield Loaded Champion in the OD Green/Black

So now we know where Trooper’s next few part-time checks are going…and yes – it IS a Happy Valentine’s Day for me!

5 responses to “When It Rains

  1. Off topic, but I hope you and the trooper have a wonderful Valentine's day. My best friend got me a big box of 45 acp and my Dad sent flowers, so all in all, not a total loss. 🙂

  2. Hey, B! We're off to the ranch in a few as soon as he is off duty. His v-day gifty is en-route and late. Mine pending. No worries – the evening will end with steak and molten chocolate cakes.

    Ammo? It may be the perfect present!

    Thanks, Ed! I think it terribly romantic, too! How I have ached to have that beasty…it is even MORE fun to shoot, I think.

  3. The homestead is redolent with the aromas of home-made cannelloni. Veal and pork braised for the filling, marinara and Bechamel sauces and almost transparent crepes to replace the pasta sheets. No molten chocolate cakes on our agenda, but a nice Chianti and maybe some chocolate truffles and a sip of cognac before the fireplace. Life is good!

  4. Oh, Ed – you guys went all out! I have not made a bechamel in a very long time…lurve Chianti – Ruffino Reserve is a steady favorite.

    We got back so late from the ranch (another piglet trots through the pearly gates – he now calls it his “lucky” shirt) – I told him to drop the puppy off at home and we'd just run to the local Tex Mex for a fast meal.

    Yep, I'm a simple girl.

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