"Finish Them or Leave"

Daphne hits the nail on the head with this post. Pournelle called it rather early in the game, Empire at its worst with the best intentioned paying for it with blood. Rules of engagement prevent success which means more dying.

Look at Behenna. In WWII that would have demanded a pat on the back, a smoke, and a “damned fool” muttered at the dead man. It is madness. It baffles me that anything gets done at all – meals served, ammunition moved…

I just hope the Mossad gives us a nod in time to leave before they take care of business. Just as they always have, in the way it must be done.

“I don’t give a good fuck if these people bugger their skinny children, behead and beat their women or sodomize their goats three ways to Allah. I just don’t give a care, especially when I contrast their expensive policy needs against a flag draped American casket being lowered into the ground.”

Fuckin’ A, m’dear.

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