Cold Feet

Trooper worked a part time last night, getting home at pre-dawn in a night that had turned far colder than the dusk had been. He was on his motorcycle and every mile dropped his core temp. He came in nearly too cold…a draft of whiskey and a snuggle down deep against my warm self set him to snoring in moments – once the shivering stopped.

I was thinkinf this evening, as he makes his rounds again but wound round with thick leather instead, of how the seasons here are so forgiving.

October always had leaves, it’s true, even in the city. I loved to crunch the dried ones, wet leaves being not much fun at all. And if there was a sycamore, you could be assured of shin-high piles to kick through. But October also always had a sharpness to it in that cold place. Halloween was the best day of the year but it was tiresome to wear a heavy coat over your carefully crafted disguise.

At least in this tender place one can get away with a light jacket that you can make a parent carry so that your costume can be appreciated fully. Still…that princess will shiver as her bucket fills and that superhero will think twice about the comfort a skin tight shirt lends.

Cold it was in my memory of those days…hands chilled on the swinging handle of the jackolantern pail, watching your breath fly away on the wind. I do not have many memories of the summers there at all. Only the tightly bundeled woolened days of winter remain…

I was built for that cold. I love feeling that chill wind, having it swirl off the beloved as they sweep through the door. This movie gives me a dose that cuts my jonesin’…

I’ve not heard the snow under my boots nor struggled for air in the thin aether in a few years now. I miss it fiercely sometimes.

I know, I know – it’s no place to hold out against an onslaught. But my feet have been coddled and warm for so long…it would be good to have them complain with that dull ache of a chilled earth. Snow, this season. Somehow, I must get back to it just for a little while…

3 responses to “Cold Feet

  1. Ed, you are so right. Strange, though, that Trooper has more shoes than I…hmmm. Time to shop.

    Heh, Mom – I wouldn't mind it at all. For a little while. It's the whole shoveling thing that ruins the magic.

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