Running Silent, Running Deep

There are…Puzzle Palace doings just now that force my hands to be…circumspect these days. So I’ve opted for quiet in place of the vague mundane.

Everyone has been prolific, of course, and my bleating hardly missed. Go to Ed, Brigid, Six, Momma, Joannie, K-man, or anyone else over there on the right and you’ll have a damned fine buffet of literary genius. Instead, i’ve sated myself with a new addiction (Audible) and trying to find gifts suitable and yet reasonable. It shall be the Season Of Handwork And Belly Filling.

And then…I came across this and went all thoughtful again, the tune reminding me of decades gone when the song meant something else, entirely.

We’ve certainly gone through a lot in a few years. There is, surely, more to come. Particularly as pieces on the table are moved into position and cautiously played. It could all bend `round and twist everything apart. It is possible. We will have to be, as we always have been, a team. Back to back and taking on whatever comes. It is a dark humor that strikes at me, though. A kind of universal jest that makes me wonder which side the punchline will land on.

So there – the cryptic nonsense I’ve been trying to avoid. Let me cleanse your palate with this small amusement. After all, I think He likes a joke better than droning supplications. Or so I believe.

3 responses to “Running Silent, Running Deep

  1. Hey, Six – we are all needing a giggle these days.

    Ed, thanks! I'd love to give every jot and tittle but there is a generous plenty here to give pause if it was desired. I don't go to great lengths to hide who we are…anyone with half a brain can connect the dots.

    And I wasn't always so…polite…in earlier posts. But we've agreed to let this stand, as-is, because it is Mine, hit his and not theirs.

    I just don't want to give fuel to the fire if it gets started.

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